06 November 2023

Notice of selection addressed to professors of the University of Cagliari who intend to organise a BIP Erasmus+ UNICA (Blended Intensive Programme Erasmus) for the year 2024.


The University of Cagliari offers 6 grants, one for each Faculty, amounting to a maximum of € 6000 each, to cover the organisational costs necessary for the planning and implementation of BIPs in partnership with Higher Education Institutes participating in the Erasmus programme as Programme Countries.

Those interested in the UniCa BIP activities must carefully read the Selection Notice (R.D. 1273/2023) and submit, by 14.00 on 01/12/2023, their application by filling in the appropriate online form prepared by the Directorate for Education and Orientation - Student Mobility Sector.

To participate in this call for applications it is therefore necessary to:
1. Fill in the online application form with the "BIP Project Description Form" available at the link https://sites.unica.it/modulimobilita/2023/11/03/candidatura-bip-2022-2023/ all the mandatory fields provided must be completed, under penalty of exclusion from the selection.
2. Attach, if available, the declarations (or e-mails) from the representatives of the 2 foreign Higher Education Institutions attesting their willingness to participate in the UniCa BIP and to sign an Erasmus multilateral agreement;
3. Ensure in the application form that at least 3 ECTS will be awarded to participants for participation in UniCa BIPs.
It will be possible to submit proposals by the following deadline

Proposal submission deadline by 2pm on 01/12/2023