The University of Cagliari is characterised by a valuable, comprehensive and specialisation-oriented educational offer.

Our didactic proposal includes Degree and Professional Degree Courses, Master's Degree Courses and Single-Cycle Master's Degree Courses, in addition to the postgraduate offer of first- and second-level Master's Degree Courses, Specialisation Courses and PhD Courses.

In addition to the educational offer, a series of services specifically addressed to students, supported by policies of inclusion, anti-poverty, gender, sustainability and, in general, a strong support to the study path.

Student services
Find out about the services available to students, such as secretarial offices, orientation tutors and psychological counselling.
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Quick guide
Find out about the educational offer the university makes available to future students.
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State examinations
Find out information on state examinations for the professional qualification needed to exercise certain liberal professions.