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The history of the University of Cagliari began on 31 October 1620, when King Philip III of Spain signed the privilege of foundation.

Today, after its first four hundred years of history, culture, research and interaction with the territory and its protagonists, the University stands as a strong and dynamic reality on the national scene, and it’s completely projected towards the future. 

To its more than 24,750 students, the University offers a wide and intense educational offer, distributed in fifteen locations and two campuses, which includes Degree and Professional Degree Programmes, Master’s Degree Programmes and Single Cycle Master Degree Programmes, to which is added the offer of postgraduate courses, of first and second level university Masters, Specialisation Courses and Ph.D. Courses.

To these are added inclusion and reception services, international mobility programs, a rich museum and cultural heritage, sports activities. 

All these elements guarantee to the young people who choose to study in UniCa a complete and quality university experience.