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As part of the Third Mission activities, the University of Cagliari aims to implement relations with businesses.

UniCa offers companies and agencies services aimed at encouraging the matching of labour supply and demand, as well as a series of opportunities for companies to contribute to the University’s research activities and to the training of professionals in the field of research.

University’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services
CREA promotes entrepreneurship and interdisciplinarity culture as well as the development of innovative business’ projects.
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Industrial Liaison Office
The office acts as an intermediary between the supply of technological expertise and the demand for innovation from companies, PA, the third sector and the research world.
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Patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. Organisational support is provided by UniCa’s Liaison Office.
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Spin off societies are the links between the University and the socio-economic fabric. UniCa’s Liaison Offic provides organisational support.
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Protocols, agreements and consortia
UniCa facilitates the access to the wealth of knowledge and competence developed within the University.