UNICAMeNTe is the name of the wireless network of the University of Cagliari, available across all university campuses located within the metropolitan areas of Cagliari and Monserrato.

The technical and technological solutions adopted for the project have led to the implementation of a mixed Wired-Wireless platform (copper - fiber optic - ether), allowing the new wireless network to naturally expand from the traditional network.

The aim is to leverage the characteristics of wireless systems, such as ubiquity and mobility, to make the potential offered by the new university information system more readily available.

Considering the institutional purpose of the university network, special attention has been given to the issue of security, with the development of a centralized authentication procedure based on IEEE 802.1x, Radius, and LDAP protocols and services.

The configuration instructions to access the network and other information related to the service are available on the UNICA Mobile Network website (in Italian).