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Accessibility can be understood as the ability of computer systems to provide services and information that are usable, without discrimination, even for those who, due to disabilities, require assistive technologies or specific configurations. Achieving web accessibility means allowing any user to access the site, make use of the services, and access information it offers independently of the operating environment, navigation tools, and browser configuration.

The University of Cagliari's portal is developed in compliance with international standards.

Services for individuals with disabilities
The University of Cagliari has activated the S.I.A. (Services for Inclusion and Learning) - Disability Office. It is a service providing consultation, mediation, and integration for students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders (D.S.A.). The S.I.A. - Disability Office was established in the Academic Year 2001/2002 with the aim of implementing a series of services and interventions to enable students with disabilities to pursue their chosen academic path, alleviating or eliminating difficulties arising from their disability, as stipulated by Law No. 17/99. S.I.A. services are available to all students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders (D.S.A.).

Accessibility of the University of Cagliari websites
Following the "Guidelines on the Accessibility of Information Technology Tools" issued by AGID and using the self-assessment model provided in Annex 2 - in accordance with the Law "Provisions to promote and simplify access by users, especially people with disabilities, to information technology tools," the site has been configured.

The results can be found in the "Accessibility Declaration" and serve as a starting point for further adjustments to the websites.

Accessibility Declaration for the site (in Italian)
Accessibility Declaration for the site (in Italian)
Accessibility Declaration for the site (in Italian)

Reporting Accessibility Issues: If you encounter issues with the accessibility of the University's websites or want feedback on inaccessible information, please report it via email, providing your name and surname, the address (URL) where you encountered errors, and any technical information that can help us identify the issue, especially if you are using assistive technologies or compensatory tools.

You can write to:

Accessibility Goals 2023 (in Italian)