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In the strategic vision of the University of Cagliari, in addition to teaching and scientific research, the activities of the so-called “third mission”, which are aimed at the transfer of knowledge outside the academic context, play a prominent role as well.

The University in fact acts as an economic and cultural engine for the territory, through the development of a university community inclusive and open to dialogue, attentive to the multiple needs, the well-being and enhancement of the people who are part of it and who interact with it.

Concrete objectives linked to this vision include:

  • Enhancement of research results and intellectual property
  • Development of activities in partnership with companies, bodies and institutions
  • Improving the access of the University’s historical, artistic and cultural heritage
  • Outgoing orientation and placement activities for the graduates
  • Strengthening public engagement and scientific outreach initiatives aimed at citizens
  • Strengthening lifelong learning as a continuous training process

In this vision, the promotion of sustainability culture and practices are especially relevant: they’re in line with the objectives set by the UN Agenda 2030, the EU Cohesion Policy 2021-2027, the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (NRRP) and the Regional Development Programme 2020-2024.