UniCa IRIS is the archive of the university research products, collecting articles on periodicals, monographs, essays, curatorships, speeches at conferences and doctoral theses. 

The catalogue can be consulted by all users, without logging in.

UniCa IRIS is the reference database for:

  • the presentation of the results of UniCa’s research to account for the use of public resources and to foster exchanges and collaboration;
  • open access consultation of the products of the research activities, as provided for in the University Policy on Open Access;
  • national evaluation procedures;
  • Research Quality Assessment (VQR)
  • National Scientific Qualification (ASN)
  • internal evaluation procedures: evaluation of local research, evaluation of teachers, salary increments;
  • the monitoring of scientific production for requirements related to the implementation of the University Strategic Plan, the planning of departments and the Quality Assurance of Research.