"Open science" is a scientific process approach based on collaboration, open and timely sharing of results, means of disseminating knowledge based on digital networked technologies and transparent methods of validation and evaluation of research products» (from the National Open Science Plan).

Since 2015, the University of Cagliari has been pursuing the principles of open science and is committed to promoting full access to scientific literature (University Policy on open access to scientific research). In 2022, as part of the HRS4R strategy, the University, together with the other Universities of the EDUC Alliance defined a common framework of objectives for Open Science, which includes the fields of research infrastructure, research data, citizen science and research evaluation.

To develop and promote its own institutional strategy, the university has appointed the Commission for Open Science Policies, which collaborates with the Commission for Open Access to Scientific Literature on Open Access Policies.

The University of Cagliari has joined the CoARA coalition and signed the San Francisco DORA declaration, initiatives both related to research assessment.

UniCa pursues the aims of open access:

In 2022, the University's policies on open access to scientific research were approved: the basic concepts were set out, as well as the definitions and the practices to be followed in order to comply with Open Access publication standards.