In each faculty there are tutors, dedicated figures who support students in choosing their course of study and assist them during the TOLC@CASA online test registration phase and for enrolment.

The tutors support students along their educational path, providing information on the organisation of teaching and on university careers in general (e.g.: structure of degree courses; rules for the organisation of teaching activities; course abbreviations; scholarships; choice credits; professors; recognition of credits; change of system; choice of orientation in degree courses that provide for it, withdrawal from studies).  They also provide notification of useful supplementary activities (e.g. tutorials, free credit activities, extra-curricular in-depth study initiatives). 

It is possible to contact the tutors

  1. By going in person to their office, on predetermined days and times;
  2. By sending an e-mail to the dedicated mailbox;
  3. By contacting the office contact number by telephone, on set days and at set times.


Didactics and Guidance Division - Guidance Tutors

Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy

Lucia Pilota
Telephone: +39 070 6753171 


Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Antonietta Di Leo 
Telephone: +39 070 6755108 


Faculty of Medicine

Anna Paola Scudu 
Telephone: +39 070 6753151 


Faculty of Science

Ambra Usai 
Telephone: +39 070 675 4628 


Faculty of Economic, Legal and Political Sciences

Giovanna Cristiana Isu
Telephone: +39 070 675 3386 


Faculty of Humanities

Alessia Pitzalis 
Telephone: +39 070 675 7304