As reaffirmed in the multi-annual planning and strategic documents, the University of Cagliari is committed to enhancing gender diversity and to guaranteeing equal opportunities and support to people with disabilities and specific learning needs, by adopting and promoting adequate policies for the valorisation of all differences and measures and actions in this sense.

The aim is to develop a university community that is open to dialogue and inclusive, attentive to the multiple needs and to the well-being and enhancement of the people who are part of it and interact with it.

Guarantee Committee (Cug)
The Guarantee Committee (Cug) is the body established for equal opportunities, the enhancement of the well-being of those who work and against discrimination.
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Gender Equality Plan
It contains the 32 strategic actions initiated to achieve gender equality, in line with the European Horizon 2020 research programme 'Supera'.
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Baby card and pink room projects
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Prison University Campus (Pup)
It guarantees the right to study of persons deprived of their personal freedom and promotes university training and scientific dissemination activities.
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Awards and Initiatives
UniCa's active commitment to sustainability also translates into participation in national events and the awarding of prizes.