Every year, the University of Cagliari welcomes all foreign students who decide to spend their entire studies at our university.

In order to enrol, it is necessary to be in possession of a valid qualification, equivalent to a secondary school diploma.

In this section you will find links and documents with all the basic information for foreign students, enrolled in the Erasmus+ and Globus programmes, entering the University of Cagliari.


Learning Agreement for Traineeship
Learning Agreement for Studies
Data Arrival
Information for students with special needs

Il sistema ECTS e la distribuzione statistica dei voti

Information for non-EU students

Italian immigration law stipulates that non-EU citizens intending to stay in Italy for more than three months must apply for a residence permit within eight working days of their arrival in Italy. It costs approximately €120.

Non-EU citizens must submit the application for a residence permit at a post office. For collection of the application kit and for support in filling in the application, students will find assistance at the Ismoka office.

You can go to the ISMOKA office, where cultural mediators will assist you. The service is free of charge.

The steps to register at UniCa are as follows:


FIRST STEP - Online Registration
Each student must register on the Unica system, called Esse 3:

1) Click on the link Online Services;
2) Open the menu (top right of the page) and click on "Registration" under "Reserved Area" or directly on the left side of the web page on the word "Registration";

3) Click on the 'Web Registration' button at the bottom of the page;

4) If you do not have a tax code, tick the section "Dichiaro di essere uno studente straniero senza Codice Fiscale Italiano?" or "dichiaro di essere uno studente straniero senza codice fiscale italiano" and continue by clicking on the "Next" button.

5) Fill in the following sections using ONLY the basic alphabet without special characters:

  • Your personal data, i.e. first name and last name as stated in your identity document/passport;
  • your permanent address (remember to specify from which date your "address start date" is valid and tick the box "Address is the same as residence" if this is the case);
  • choose "Residence" for "document address" and tick the "S" (which is Yes) for "Student information";

6) Choose a suitable password for your online account, taking into account these parameters

  • it must contain at least 8 characters
  • must contain at least 1 letter
  • must have at least 1 number;
  • must not exceed 10 characters.

7) Once you have confirmed your password, you will be presented with a summary of your registration. Click on the "Confirm" button to proceed with your authentication;

8) Click on the "Print receipt" button and save the document as a pdf file;

9) Verify your password in the "proceed with authentication" section by logging in again;

10) Upload a passport photo at Home > Photos > Upload photo.

Remember to log out when you close the browser, especially if you are using computers in public areas, public wi-fi or computers in classrooms.

11) Once you have finished the online registration process, you can fill out the online application form by clicking on the following link: Application form.

Help with online services is provided to students via e-mail by writing to incoming@unica.it.


SECOND STEP - Finalise your registration

Please send a confirmation e-mail to the Ismoka Office - incoming@unica.it - with the following documents

  • The pdf document of your online registration that you saved in step number 8 above;

    ONLY if you forgot to send the required documents while filling in the application form (point number 11), please send us a scanned copy of your updated Identity Card/Passport; a scanned copy of your health insurance (EHIC -European Health Insurance Card) or a private health insurance for medical assistance;

  • A statement from your home university certifying your ERASMUS status;
  • the ETCS Learning Agreement either in word or pdf format (please no handwriting on it). Remember that the Learning Agreement you send must have your signature and that of the person responsible at your home university.

Course information needed to complete the Learning Agreement is available at the following link Course Catalogue. If you need help, please send an e-mail to our Faculty Erasmus Helpdesks:

Once your application has been processed, we will send you an acceptance e-mail with instructions on the steps to follow once you arrive in Cagliari. Please check your e-mail address regularly.


THIRD STEP: Finally in Cagliari

To register your arrival in Cagliari as quickly as possible, please send us an e-mail to incoming@unica.it with the exact day of your arrival, your first and last name and the Arrival Form provided by your University (if applicable).

As soon as it is ready, you will receive an e-mail to pick up the form. You will always find someone at the Ismoka Office, but in order to reduce the waiting time in the queue, if you have any questions or need help, we kindly ask you to book an appointment by clicking on the link http://elearning.unica.it/course/view.php?id=43, where you can log in using your registration credentials:

Enter your username and password

enter "incoming bookings"

click on "sign up/enrol me" and book the slot that suits you best


Application form

Study in Italy... study at UniCa

There are many reasons why you should come and study in Italy. Italy speaks different languages: in addition to the renowned expertise in the language of Architecture, Arts, Design and Fashion, the language of Research and Science is very well spoken in our country. Study in Italy and you will learn these languages.

As part of its international university education programmes, the University of Cagliari reserves several places on its degree courses for non-EU students. 

All foreign students intending to enrol at the University of Cagliari can find the required information in the Study Manifesto, the document that provides a snapshot of the university's educational offer and the availability of places for foreign students and, more specifically, for Chinese students who are beneficiaries of the Marco Polo project.

For further details on the procedures applied at national level, please consult:

Please find below useful information on enrolment procedures, fees and our study courses.


For further information, you can write to the following e-mail address: foreignstudents@unica.it

Study courses and relative places reserved for foreign students.pdf

Study Manifesto
Procedures for entry, residence and enrolment of foreign/international students in higher education courses in Italy academic year 2021-2022
Procedures for entry, residence and enrolment of foreign/international students for higher education courses in Italy during the 2021-2022 academic year
Visit the Universitaly website
Our degree courses

We favourably welcome applications from students with disabilities


The counsellor for students with disabilities runs a comprehensive service dealing with: admission arrangements, personal support, learning support, advice on purchasing equipment and special arrangements for examinations.

UniCa has introduced the following services to enable students to participate in all aspects of university life:

  • Tutoring service for the assistance and integration of students with disabilities;
  • Agreement with the Institute for the Blind for the organisation of computer literacy courses, for which the University provides computer equipment, a loaner, braille printer and enlarging photocopier;
  • Interpreting service for deaf students;
  • Provision of specific equipment and aids;
  • Note-taking service in some faculties for students with sensory disabilities;
  • Transport service with an equipped minibus and escort for students with motor and sensory disabilities;

The above services are also offered to graduate students attending specialisation courses, research doctorates, master's degrees and everything related to post-graduate study;

  • Counselling and orientation service to support upper secondary school students entering university;
  • Orientation and assistance in selective examinations for admission to degree courses with programmed access;
  • Mediation work with professors for the customisation of examinations;
  • Orientation and assistance during examinations for students with motor and sensory disabilities;
  • Collection of bibliographic and teaching materials;
  • Bureaucratic and administrative procedures (application for enrolment, payment of fees, etc.);
  • Information on the study programme, class schedules and exam dates;
  • Activation of book lending with a special card in agreement with the library directors;
  • Reporting and solving parking problems;
  • Reporting architectural barriers in university buildings, with a view to reducing or eliminating them;
  • Contact and collaboration with the Institute for the Blind;

Reserved seats in the classroom.



DISABILITY OFFICE, Via San Giorgio 12, 09124 Cagliari

Telephone: +39 070 675 6221

E-mail: tutor.sia@unica.it

For further information, please visit the following website: www.unica.it/~disabilita/index.html

This is the office that deals with international mobility for the University of Cagliari: it is the port of arrival and departure for students, professors, and PhD students.
Sostenibilità-Università-degli-Studi-di-Cagliari (8).png
The ECTS system and the distribution of grades
The system was set up in the Erasmus programme to transfer the credits acquired by students during their studies abroad.