University of Cagliari Euraxess Service Centre

For almost twenty years, the office of the University of Cagliari has been offering a support service to mobile researchers and innovators seeking to advance their careers and personal development.

In 2011, our office became a 'Euraxess service centre': it is part of the European Commission's Euraxess network, and is the only Euraxess service centre in Sardinia.

The Euraxess network comprises over 200 Service Centres and Local Contact Points located in 40 countries, founded by the European Commission to promote and support the international mobility of researchers.

Euraxess Italy is organised in a network of 10 Service Centres and 9 Local Contact Points located at universities and private institutions. The mission of these centres is to provide free and personalised assistance to researchers and their families when they move abroad, e.g. visa, residence permit, accommodation, legal issues, social security, medical assistance, pension, taxes, family support, schooling, kindergarten, language courses, research funding, social and cultural aspects.

The Euraxess Services Network is constantly working to improve the standards of its services. Researchers will always be treated with courtesy and respect. Wherever they go, mobile researchers will always find the Euraxess Network to make their experience abroad easier.

For all researchers coming from within or outside the EU, the centre offers them (and their families) tailor-made support and free, personalised information on how to organise their relocation, both in the short and long term.


Contact details:

Manager: Tiziana Cubeddu (+390706758442)

Staff: Ester Maria Loi (+390706758547)

Address: Via San Giorgio n. 12, 3rd entrance - 2nd floor - 09124 Cagliari

For researchers arriving in Sardinia to study or work, the centre provides them with all the information on administrative and bureaucratic aspects (Visa, residence permits, health insurance, bank accounts, taxes, etc.), both before their arrival and during the period they spend on the island. The centre also provides practical information on accommodation, daily life, schooling for children, language courses and translation services.

For researchers who want to pursue a career abroad, the centre is available to provide up-to-date information, particularly on funding opportunities and job vacancies. For this, we invite you to have a look at the website, subscribe to the mailing list and lean on our office help desk. 

The Euraxess service centre, located within the International Mobility and Research Programmes Office of the University of Cagliari, is located at Via San Giorgio 12, 3rd entrance, 2nd floor in Cagliari.

Received by appointment only: 


Head Officer:

Tiziana Cubeddu
Tel. +39 070 6758442
Mail: - 



Ester Maria Loi
Tel. +39 070 6758547
Mail: -