The Industrial Liaison Office of the University of Cagliari acts as an intermediary between the university's offer of technological competences and the demand for innovation expressed by the subjects operating in its territory: enterprises, public administrations, third sector realities, other subjects active in training and research.

Examples of activities falling within the remit of Unica's Industrial Liaison Office are:

- Promoting actions aimed at the creation of spin-off companies.
- Follow all procedures related to patenting and management of the patent database.
- Carrying out networking activities and developing partnerships with public and private organisations.
- Offer design support within the framework of regional, national and EU initiatives concerning innovation and technology transfer.
- Finding information on research activities, technology transfer, university-business collaboration opportunities.
- Seeking sources of funding and other types of facilities.

Research and technological innovation in Sardinia
Sardegna Ricerche
Contains information on Sardinian clusters and districts, news on events and calls for tenders, and details of the services offered by the research and technology development agency: technology brokerage, business intelligence, document search, patent consultancy and library.

Porto Conte Ricerche
Describes the ongoing projects, publications of the Technology Park located in Alghero and the four active technology platforms.

CRS4 - Centre for Research, Development and Advanced Studies in Sardinia
In-depth information on focus areas and research programmes, a YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channel and a newsletter on funding for research, development and innovation.


Innovation in the Italian context
Research Section of MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research)
Official source of information on regulatory references and insights on research support programmes and the public research system.

Ministero dello sviluppo economico (Ministry of Economic Development)
Official source on policies for the promotion of research and industrial innovation and to encourage technology transfer, including through the use of industrial property rights.

Agency for the Diffusion of Technology for Innovation
The site offers an agenda of events that can be imported with Ical, a rich section of videos and publications to download about the culture of innovation. In addition, in-depth information on projects curated by the Agency: Italy of innovators, Digital agenda going local, Italy-China cooperation, Innovators Jam.

Italian National Research Portal
Factsheets on existing regulations and realities regarding policies, actors and places for research, technology transfer, policies for territorial districts and the enhancement of human capital.

Researchers' Night
The event website is always up to date: its articles tell the stories, events and personalities connected to the world of research. There is also a rich gallery of videos and photos and a constantly updated Facebook space.


Information services
Sardegna Ricerche newsletter
Reports on calls for tenders, programmes and projects for applied research, training and technology transfer, events and initiatives organised by the Technology Park and established enterprises and research centres. The bulletin is also available as a newsletter.

F1rst - funding for innovation, research and technology development
Rich and up to date information, video interviews and in-depth material for download. By registering, you can access customised newsletter services, rss feeds, partner search and consultancy. Site of the Emilia Romagna Science and Technology Association.


Intellectual property
Italian Patent and Trademark Office Ministry of Economic Development
Review of the legislation, newsletter services, call centre and access to online databases. A section is dedicated to collaborations with universities and research bodies. Extensive in-depth sections on patents, trademarks, patents and models, online application services and access to databases.

European Patent Office
Official European patent site. Extensive case law sections, training content, news also disseminated on social networks. In English, French and German.

IPR Helpdesk
An information support service on the subject of intellectual property provided free of charge in various ways: distance, in-person, modular, webinars, workshops and materials available for download. In English language.

World Intellectual Property Organization
Official site of the World Intellectual Property Organisation. Extensive news sections, online services related to intellectual property, and resources for download.


Network for the valorisation of university research
The NetVal site contains a showcase of patents and academic and university spin-offs on a national basis. It also organises catalogue courses and publishes an annual survey on technology transfer.

Proton Europe, European association on technology transfer
It publishes annual reports on technology transfer in Europe, and it contains a showcase of good practices on technology transfer offices, intellectual property, spin-offs and development policies. Extensive information services section. This is available to all members, in English language.

Pni Cube
A national association that promotes technology transfer through support for business creation from the world of academic research. It is active, in particular, in establishing university incubators, acquiring resources and supporting for the creation of start-ups from research.


Banco di Sardegna
The 2012 call for applications for grants from the Sardinian Banking Foundation expires on 31 January 2012.

Ugo Bordoni
An institution of high culture and research in the following areas: electronic communications, information technology, electronics, public network services, radio, television, audio-visual and multimedia services. It collaborates with the research and training activities of several Italian universities and offers free downloadable articles and papers. The multimedia section is rich in videos, audios, and slides.

Ugo Kessler
It’s a research organisation of the Autonomous Province of Trento operating in the fields of science technology and the humanities. Web TV with content disseminated in creative commons, youth corner and links to the sites of research groups.

Umberto Veronesi
It promotes grants to fund the activities of young researchers and research projects in the medical field.

Italian Geographical Society
The Society, founded in 1867, announces research prizes in the field of geography.


Science and technology parks and incubators
The Science and Technology Park of Sardinia is a system of advanced infrastructures and services for innovation and research. It has two sites: Cagliari and Alghero. In addition to general logistics, maintenance and reception services, the Park offers specialised services for technological development.

Milan Polytechnic Business Accelerator
Managed by the Milan Polytechnic Foundation, it is an incubator for technology start-ups specialising in ICT and 'clean technologies'.

Rome Science Park
The Park of the University of Rome Tor Vergata carries out start-up incubation and technology transfer activities. It also offers training and consultancy activities.

Sapienza Innovation
A consortium established to promote collaborations between universities, research centres, trade associations and entrepreneurs to promote the commercialisation of inventions and knowledge generated by basic science activities. It currently has 15 'joint labs' in operation.

An incubator of the University of Bologna, it offers spin-offs logistical support, networking consultancy and brokering for funding.

An incubator of the University of Padua, it offers logistical services and managerial, communication and promotion, legal, administrative and accounting consultancy for a fee.

Area science Park
Consortium for the Trieste Science and Technology Research Area, it is also an international multi-sector science and technology park.


Fund raising and prizes for start-ups
Start cup Sardinia
The competition that awards prizes to the best innovative business ideas to be implemented in Sardinia. The initiative is promoted by the Universities of Sassari, Cagliari and Sardinia Research as part of the INNOVA.Re.

Mind the bridge
A foundation promoting an annual business plan competition and a mentoring and coaching programme for start-ups wishing to establish themselves in San Francisco.

Telecom Working Capital
A Telecom Italia project that promotes the creation of start-ups and supports the best research projects with financial and logistical support.

Italian business angel network
The site of the Italian association of informal venture capitalists publishes notices of national relevance and contains the Italian map of business angel networks.


Online archives and libraries
Sardegna Ricerche P-arch
P-arch collects and makes accessible the documentary production of the Sardinian Science and Technology Park. It contains scientific articles, projects and technical reports on publicly funded research activities conducted by CRS4, Porto Conte Research, Sardinia Research and the organisations established in the Park.

Sardegna Ricerche Library
The library is open to the public in the Sardinia Research building 2 in Pula and provides inter-library loan and document delivery services. The catalogue is constantly updated with new acquisitions. By accessing the user area on the site, one can request a purchase and book a bibliographic consultation.

Pleiades - Portal for Italian electronic scientific literature on open archives and institutional repositories
A national platform for scientific literature deposited in Italian open archives managed by universities and research centres. Pleiades currently contains about 440,000 entries. On the subject of open access, it also offers in-depth resources and a calendar of news and events.

Industrial Liaison Office - Technology Transfer Office
Directorate for Research and Territory
University of Cagliari, via San Giorgio 12 entrance 3 (first floor)
twitter profile: @unicaliaisonoff

Orsola Macis 
tel. +39 070 675.6502

Roberta Marras 
Tel. +39 070 675.8407

Valentina Atzeni 
tel. +39 070 675.8772

Innovation Promoter
Ignazio Cannas 
tel. +39 070 675.6514

Knowledge Transfer Manager Junior 
Federica Atzori

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