Anticipated by a rich programme of pre-events, the SHARPER Night had its climax Friday, September 30, 2022, in the evocative home of the Botanical Garden of Cagliari. The event was divided into several formats:

TALK: a stage in the heart of the Botanical Garden hosted the interventions of about ten researchers on current issues, moderated by Prof. Alessandro Lovari.

EXPERIENCE ACTIVITY: experiential activities set up in reserved areas of the Botanical Garden managed by Sharper’s partners to make scientific activities known to the public.

SPEAKERS' CORNER: small and informal living spaces in which research on five major themes were presented to the public: food, health, oceans, ports and safe waters, the universe.

STEM LAB: scientific laboratories aimed at stimulating curiosity for science, through an engaging experience that stimulates creativity.

KIDS LAB: involving boys and girls means giving them the opportunity to satisfy every curiosity: through games designed ad hoc, children have had the opportunity to live scientific research as an unforgettable experience.

SOUND STORIES: a series of sound stories inspired by research: narrative works, fiction that have taken inspiration from scientific articles. The podcasts, accessible through qr codes, accompanied the discovery of unique searches along the way inside the Botanical Garden.

ADVENTURE NIGHT: checkpoint game with Escape and Live RPG components, with the presence of puzzles. The atmosphere was that of an action film, with references to science fiction thrillers and a few moments of adrenaline!

At the Garden was present, for the second year, the "Yellow Point" in support of the committee "Truth for Giulio Regeni", by the partner Laboratorio Scienza.

The marathon: How to "photograph" black holes with the Event Horizon Telescope. Is Einstein still right?

The national programme of SHARPER includes a common thread of live connections from all the squares in Italy: the marathon. For Cagliari, the connection took place from the Sardinia Radio Telescope of San Basilio with Ciriaco Goddi (researcher of the Physics Department, University of Cagliari), who talked with Silvia Casu (Head of the Communication and Dissemination Area of the OAC INAF-OAC).

The connection told of the international collaboration of the Event Horizon Telescope (the same that in 2019 published 'the photo of the century', i.e. the first image of a black hole) and a new historical result achieved by this prestigious research team: the publication of the first image of the black hole at the center of our Galaxy. This new image allows us to test beyond the limits so far explored the famous General Theory of Relativity, formulated more than a century ago. 


Schools: Researchers at School

The Night of Women Researchers program includes a rich selection of workshops and experiences designed for an audience from 3 years of age. 

The SHARPER events did not end on 30 September, but continue with a review of initiatives dedicated to schools that takes place during the school year.

Visit the page with all events dedicated to schools.

Researchers at school SHARPER


The pre-events

"September of research in Monserrato" is the title of the series of seminars that was held for the second year at the House of Culture in Monserrato.

The first appointment was Wednesday, September 14 at 19 with the seminar "Gain health: relationships between lifestyles and well-being", by the Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health of UNICA.

Then, on Thursday, September 15 at 7 pm, the Department of Law proposed the seminar "The welcoming face of Europe. The activation of "temporary protection" for those fleeing the war in Ukraine".

Monday, September 19, we talked about "Simple accounting tools to become critical and sustainable consumers" (edited by Simone Aresu, Department of Economics and Business Sciences, UNICA).

Tuesday, September 20, again at 19, Giuseppe Bozzi (INFN Section of Cagliari and UNICA) discussed: "Climate change: the non-logic of deniers to the test of facts".

To close, Wednesday, September 21 at 19 the Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health (in collaboration with the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy UNICA and AOU Cagliari) presented the seminar "Transgender people: life paths".

Two initiatives are included in the program of GravitasFest, scientific festival on the border between physics and philosophy of science organized by INFN - Section of Cagliari at the Municipal Center of art and culture the Ghetto. On 17 September at 21.30 Antonio Zoccoli, president of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, told "Dante and modern science", in the company of actor Stefano Sabelli. On September 18 at 19 the popularizer, youtuber and philosopher of science Gaia Contu presented the show "Turkeys and rays of light - stories of intersections between science and philosophy".

On Thursday 22 September, the 'Passione scienza day', organised by the association Scienza Società Scienza, took place at the Fondazione di Sardegna in Cagliari.

Guided tours to discover the UNICA Museums closed the series of pre-events:



SHARPER is a project funded by the European Commission (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, GA 101061553) and co-funded by the Fondazione di Sardegna.

UNICA is the leader of the local consortium Sharper, which includes INFN - Cagliari Section, Inaf-Ostronomical Observatory of Cagliari, Sardegna Ricerche, the associations Scienza Società Scienza and Laboratorio Scienza, Sardegna Teatro, the municipalities of Cagliari and Nuoro, and the UniNuoro university consortium. SHARPER CAGLIARI is organised by the Directorate for Research and Territory in collaboration with CREA UNICA - the University Service Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and with the valuable contribution of all the University's Departments, Directorates and Museums.