As of 30 June 2020, all payments made by private entities (citizens and businesses) to any type of Public Administration/Public Body, including the University of Cagliari (UniCA), will have to be made compulsorily through PagoPA in order to comply with certain standards and rules defined by AgID (Digital Italy Agency).

PagoPA is an electronic payment system designed to make any payment to the public administration simpler, safer and more transparent.

This system has many advantages:

  • You can choose from multiple payment channels (online account, mobile app, ATM, bank counter, tobacco shop...)
  • Several payment methods are available (credit card, bank credit transfer, payment slip, etc.)
  • You can choose with whom (which bank) to pay. See the list of active 'Payment Service Providers' (PSPs) at the following link:
  • It is possible to pay around the clock.
  • Feedback is immediate and any fees are known immediately
  • The security of payments and personal data is guaranteed through standard protection protocols.

Anyone who has to make a payment using this system receives a PagoPA Advice of Payment containing the Payment Advice Code and IUV code, QR Code and Interbank Code (CBILL circuit), thus enabling easy payment.

  • Once the PagoPa notice has been received, it is possible to pay by various methods
  • online with a credit card by connecting to the site (option not available for payment of student fees that initiate payment from the reserved student services area)
  • via PAgoPA's IO APP if you have SPID credentials
  • via home/mobile banking through the CBILL circuit (enter CBILL code 10Q83 to view and be able to select our University) or those participating in the PagoPA system
  • at all bank counters or ATMs that allow payment through the CBILL circuit or adhering to the PagoPA system 
  • at Sisal/Lottomatica ticket offices
  • For notices issued by the University of Cagliari it is NOT possible to pay at post offices

To make other payments to UNICA, other than university fees, you can connect to the PagoPa portal of the University of Cagliari at the following link:

Payments can be made through this channel:

  • Upon receipt of the appropriate Payment Advice, issued by the University, containing the relevant code and IUV
  • In spontaneous payment mode with autonomous issue of the payment notice

At the end of the operation, the portal will issue the telematic payment receipt that can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate button

For further explanations you can consult or download the attached guide to payment with pago PA


Payment Advice: the Payment Advice is the document containing the information necessary to make payment for a service provided by the PA.

The pagoPA Payment Advice contains all the codes that enable payment using the pagoPA circuit:

  • Payment Advice Code (IUV)
  • barcode
  • QR code
  • the Interbank Code (for the CBILL circuit).

Payment Advice Code (IUV): this is the code shown on the pagoPA Payment Advice, to be used for payments using pagoPA. It consists of 18 digits including the IUV code.

IUV code: the Unique Payment Identifier (IUV) is the code that uniquely identifies a payment requested by the public administration. Its close relationship with a specific accounting document allows the creditor body to automatically reconcile the claim as soon as the transaction is completed.

Payment Service Providers (PSPs): Payment Service Providers (PSPs), such as banks, payment institutions and any other entity authorised to perform payment services, join the pagoPA system on a voluntary basis, to provide their payment services to citizens and businesses.

Telematic Receipt (TR): a computerised certificate of payment issued by the payment service provider to the payer, or to the payer, as well as to the Creditor.

The University of Cagliari has activated its own platform for the management of pagoPA payments, accessible at the following link: