The Board of Auditors is the independent internal control body for the regularity of the administrative, financial, and accounting management of the University. The tasks and operating procedures of the Board are laid down in the Regulations for Administration, Finance and Accounting. The Board of Auditors, established by rector's decree, has a term of office of four financial years and expires on the date the Board of Directors' meeting is convened to approve the financial statements for the fourth financial year of office, and in any case no later than the terms established by the regulations in force.


Dr. Manfredo ATZENI


Dr. Maria Luisa BERNARDI – appointed by MEF - Permanent Member

Dr Gaetano CATALDO – appointed by MUR - Permanent member

Dott.ssa Carmela IACOVIELLO – appointed by MEF - Alternate member

Dott.ssa Lucia Margherita SCALAS – appointed by MUR - Alternate member


Board of Auditors Secretarial Offices

at the Administration and Finance Division
Dr. Pierluigi Perniciano