Within the scope of its functions, the University of Cagliari also makes use of other bodies in order to be able to operate at its best. These are management, control, advisory and guarantee bodies.

University Steering Committee
It was established in 2017, in response to the need to create a stable system of relations with the institutional, economic, social, and productive worlds.
Student Council and Student Guarantor
The first is the organising and coordinating body for enrolled students, the second offers assistance to students who feel their rights have been violated.
Disciplinary Board
It carries out the preliminary investigation phase of disciplinary actions against professors and researchers and issues a final opinion, proposing the related sanctions.
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Ethics Commission and Guarantee Committee
The first has research and control functions on the implementation and compliance with the code of ethics, the second is established for equal opportunities and against discriminations.
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University Quality Assurance
It organises, monitors, and supervises the proper and uniform implementation of Quality Assurance procedures (QA).
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University Sports Committee
It defines the general rules for the conduct of athletic activity, both amateur and competitive , and also manages services and facilities, ensuring their usability.
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Animal welfare body
It is responsible for establishing measures for the protection and welfare of animals used for scientific or educational purposes.