The economic sustainability of the University of Cagliari is implemented through collaboration between the university and the territory, in order to disseminate social innovation and provide cultural stimuli for the entire country system. 

The ultimate goal is to promote sustainable growth policies to foster projects and processes oriented towards a circular economy and dialogue initiatives with economic actors through technology transfer offices, spin-offs and start-ups.

UniCa offers companies and institutions services aimed at facilitating the matching of labour supply and demand, as well as a series of opportunities for companies to contribute to the University's research activities and to the training of research professionals through the Industrial Liason Office (ILO).

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UniCa’s Green Start-ups
Respect Ltd.www.respectsrl.itRESPECT Ltd. offers products and services in the field of energy production, transmission and distribution, with a focus on renewable energy plants and energy saving.ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE
Nepsy Ltd.www.nepsy.itNEPSY aims to develop highly integrated electric propulsion systems and related components that are customisable and flexible for a wide range of applications, from marine to rail and road. The spin-off is currently involved in the POSEIDON project - Smart Microgrids in Port Areas: Efficient Energy Management through the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Electric Mobility.ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE
Regenfix Ltd.www.regenfix.euRegenfix has developed an innovative regeneration service (to be understood as the complete removal of contaminants) of chromatography columns. Columns, after each use, accumulate contaminants within them that change the results in subsequent uses and therefore need to be replaced very frequently. Regenfix offers an innovative service for the regeneration of chromatography columns, capable of completely removing contaminants, achieved through the development and production of its own chemical formula, capable of restoring these devices to their original operating performance.WASTE
Clentech Ltd.www.clentech.euThe start-up deals with the development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value in the fields of chemistry, industrial plant engineering, eco-sustainability, air sanitation, water purification and construction, with particular reference to innovative solutions in the paint sector, of tiles and surface treatment in general, in order to exploit, even in closed environments and in the absence of sunlight, the applications of the photocatalysis phenomenon with the entire light spectrum, aimed at degrading and reducing pollutants, bacteria and viruses, converting them into substances that are harmless to health.ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE