Since 2019, the University of Cagliari has also wanted to reinforce its commitment to reducing plastic by encouraging the use of water from the city's water supply network, through the installation of drinking fountains in Cagliari's university buildings. 

The drinking fountains, which are directly connected to the water network supplied by the water service provider, provide free drinking water for the entire university population, reducing the university's water footprint and contributing to the reduction of climate-changing emissions related to road transport of packaged water. 

Currently, the drinking fountains are located as follows

- Aresu campus (via san Giorgio): 1 drinking fountain 

- Engineering campus (p.zza d'Armi / via Marengo): 2 drinking fountains

- Sa Duchessa campus: 2 drinking fountains

- viale Fra' Ignazio campus: 1 drinking fountain


Planning is underway for the installation of additional drinking fountains on the Monserrato campus.

The drinking fountains, indicated by appropriate signage, provide water totally free of charge and accessible to anyone on the campuses.

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The drinking fountains project is proving a huge success among the university population, who are making great use of the drinking water supply points and asking for new ones. 

To complete the initiative, the University distributed thousands of steel water bottles to newly enrolled students on Welcome Day for freshmen.

In order to make the drinking fountains even more usable, special vertical signage has been installed on campus, which will also be enriched with a visual walking path to guide people to the drinking water supply points.