Other international research programmes funded by ministries, the European Union, other international bodies

Our university has participated and is participating in the following initiatives:


Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI):

  • JPI AMR - Antimicrobial Resistance;
  • JPI FACCE - Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change;
  • JPI HDHL - Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life;
  • JPI JPND - Neurodegenerative Diseases;
  • JPI Water - Challenges for a Changing World

Art. 185 of the Treaty of the European Union:

  • AAL - Active and Assisted Living
  • PRIMA - Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area

Joint Technological Initiatives (JTI):

  • ARTEMIS - Embedded Computing Systems
  • IMI - Innovative Medicine Initiative
  • ECSEL - Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership
  • EJP RD - action aimed at fostering collaboration on interdisciplinary research projects, based on the exchange of knowledge and expertise, capable of bringing clear benefits to patients.

Eranet - Cofund:

  • EN SGplusRegSys - initiative to develop integrated, regional, smart energy systems enabling regions and local communities to realise their high sustainable energy ambitions             
  • ERA-HDHL - ERA-NET Cofund action under Horizon 2020, in the area of nutrition and health, to support the Joint Programming Initiative "Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life" (JPI HDHL)
  • FLAG-ERA II - action supporting the two FET-Flagship initiatives Graphene and Human Brain Project (HBP)
  • HERA JRP PS - Joint Research Programme European Public Space, Culture and Integration
  • HDHL - INTIMIC - Knowledge Platform on Food, Diet, Intestinal Microbiomics and Human Health
  • SOLAR-ERA.NET - action supporting the solar electricity generation sector.
  • SUSFOOD2 - action to promote research and innovation in the field of sustainable food systems with a focus on sustainability in post-harvest food production
  • WATERWORKS 2015 - water-related challenges
  • WATERWORK 2017 - action dedicated to the theme "Closing the water cycle gap", with the objective of reconciling the supply and demand for water resources, in terms of both quality and quantity, as well as space and time
  • ERANETMED - action supporting transnational research and innovation projects on the following themes: water, energy, food, environment, climate changes, energy-water nexus.    
  • BlueBio - action with the objective of identifying new and improving existing ways of bringing bio-based products and services to the market and finding new ways of creating value in the blue bioeconomy.
  • EN-UAC - action under the JPI Urban Europe with the aim of creating a portfolio of projects addressing issues related to sustainable urban mobility and implementing and testing innovative solutions.
  • ERA PerMed 2020 - To align national research strategies, promote excellence, reinforce the competitiveness of European players in PM, and enhance the European collaboration with non-EU countries.                                                                                                                                 

COST Action - European Cooperation in Science and Technology 

  • Open Call Collection 2019
  • Open Call Collection 2020


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