Let’s explore the section dedicated to the world of disability, special educational needs and special education by visiting the dedicated website.

S.I.A (Services for Inclusion and Learning) is a consultancy, intermediation, integration service for students with disabilities and L.D. (Learning Disabilty) enrolled in the degree programmes (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, single cycle master’s degree) and in postgraduate studies (master’s, graduate schools and doctorates).

The S.I.A. - Disability Office was activated in the 2001-02 Academic Year, with the aim of implementing a series of services and interventions, in order to allow students with disabilities to follow the chosen course of study, mitigating or eliminating the difficulties deriving from their condition of disability, as provided for by Law n. 17/99.

The services of the S.I.A. are aimed at all students with disabilities and L.D. (Learning Disability).

SensusAccess is the solution adopted by the University of Cagliari in the context of content inclusivity projects: it aims to convert documents, images and web pages in a series of alternative formats (ebook, audio, braille).

SensusAccess can facilitate the use of documents such as PDF files of only images or images/scanned texts, making them available in accessible formats, through an automated and selfservice servic, which provides a few simple steps (1. Loading the original file; 2. Choosing the final format; 3. Sending the request; 4. Receiving the converted and accessible file via e-mail).

While the submitted files will be automatically deleted from the server at the end of the conversion process, the processed file will remain available for 7 days. Soon after, it will be deleted from the server.

The service is reserved, exclusively for educational, educational, personal, and non-commercial use, to the entire academic community of the University of Cagliari (students, teachers, researchers, technical-administrative staff, etc.): they can be accredited by using in the online form their institutional email address (@unica.it; @amm.unica.it; @studenti.unica.it; etc.) as the processing address.

Data processing in SensusAccess (GPDR)

Converting documents in accessible format (to be verified)

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