The Guarantee Committee is the body established for equal opportunities, the enhancement of the well-being of those who work and against discrimination, with propositional, advisory and verification functions in matters within its remit (pursuant to Article 23 of the Statute of the University of Cagliari).

Its composition for the years 2022-2025 has been updated with:

Dr. Ester Cois Appointed by Administration as President

Dr. Bruna Biondo Appointed by Administration

Dr. Clementina Casula Appointed by Administration

Prof. Fabio Medas Appointed by Administration

Prof. Michele Mascia Appointrd by Administration

Dr. Salvatore Noli Appointed by Fsur CISL University

Dr. Giuseppina Puddu Appointed by Flc CGIL

Mr. Antonio Strazzera Appointed by CONFSAL/SNALS University-CISAPUNI

Dr. Orsola Macis Appointed by GILDA UNAMS

Dr Luciano Scalas Appointed by UIL RUA

Regulations for the establishment and functioning of the Guarantee Committee (R.D. no. 586 of 06/03/2013)

Office of the Rector's Cabinet and General Affairs Coordination

Work/life balance services
Positive Actions Plan