Part-time enrolment - part-time studying commitment

Part-time students must justify the option and self-certify the reasons for their choice for work, family or health reasons. They are required to achieve a number of credits laid down in the study plan for the chosen course of at least between 15 and 30 for each academic year. 

If the student exceeds 30 university credits, they will be automatically enrolled on a full-time basis, unless they are in the last year of the part-time course (e.g. 6th year for three-year degree courses, 4th year for master's degree courses), without losing the benefits provided for by the student contribution regulations for part-time students. 

If the student does not hold another university degree of equal or higher level, they are entitled, for a maximum of twice the duration of the course, to the benefits provided by the student contribution regulations. 

A student who completes fewer than 15 credits in the academic year in question, or who does not complete the degree within twice the normal duration of the course in which they are enrolled, loses the right to the benefits provided for in the student contribution regulations. 

The studying commitment regime for the individual academic year of enrolment may be modified by 5 October 2023. A student enrolled full-time may opt for part-time within the normal duration of the course of study.

Student contribution regulations - Regulations

Part-time student

Article 3

1. A student who does not hold another university degree of the same level or higher who, in application of the rules laid down in the Student Administrative Career Regulations, has opted for a part-time teaching commitment, shall be subject to the annual all-inclusive contribution calculated for current full-time students reduced by 10%.
2. The duration of the reduction may not exceed twice the normal duration of the course in which the student is enrolled.
3. At the end of the subsidised period, the student shall be subject to the annual all-inclusive fee calculated for the student who has not completed university exams within set time period.
4. For the calculation of the years of enrolment, the provisions set out in the definition of current student shall apply.