In its desire to consolidate policies to promote, raise awareness and disseminate the culture of equal opportunities and support work-life balance, the University of Cagliari has activated services aimed at pregnant students, students and staff with children up to 10 years of age.

The 'Tessera baby' project was launched in the 2014/2015 Academic Year and is aimed at female students enrolled in a course of study who are pregnant and students with children up to the age of 10.

In 2022, the project won the prestigious 'Sustainable and Resilient PA 2022' award in the 'Communicating Sustainability' section, organised by ForumPA, in collaboration with ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (Read the news: - News)


Duration and services

The Baby Card has a duration of one academic year and entitles the holder to some specially dedicated services

  • reserved parking spaces at the Faculties
  • facilitations in the choice of exam timetable
  • free access to e-learning course material
  • privileged access to student secretarial desks and University offices
  • access to the University's Pink Rooms and the Child Space playroom service in Sa Duchessa’s Pink Room
  • Crèche service (limited places, access according to a ranking)


How to get it and contacts

At each new start of the academic year, it is necessary to fill in the online questionnaire available on the personal profile of online student services (ESSE3), in the "Questionnaires and requests" section.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, the student card and car pass will be issued to the requesting student directly to the email indicated in the questionnaire.

N.B. The card will not be issued automatically, but a short processing period, during which the offices verify that the requirements are met, is necessary. We recommend that you also monitor your SPAM folder.

For any information and/or clarification please write to


E-learning courses


Pink Rooms are designed to support parenting for students and staff at the University of Cagliari, by promoting the reconciliation of study and work time with family life.

They offer a welcoming environment where new mothers can breastfeed and a usable space for children accompanying their parents to classes. They are equipped with a changing table, relaxation chair and baby furniture.



The service is totally free of charge and is intended for students holding a Baby Card and staff of the University of Cagliari who are pregnant and/or have children up to the age of 10.


Location and contacts

The Pink Rooms are located in the University's main hubs:

Sa Duchessa Hub - Added Body, ground floor
Playroom service on reservation by the Solidarity Social Cooperative Consortium 
Pedagogical Coordinator Dr. Dalila Massidda
Contact details +39 347 3904698 / for internship applications  / UniCa representative Liliana Marras

Economic and legal hub - Baffi building ex deaf-mutes first floor
Representative Marco Pitzalis

Monserrato Citadel - Block I, ground floor
Representatives Giuseppe Manca and Barbara Tuveri

Engineering hub - Piazza d'Armi, Building first floor
Representative Elsa Lusso

The purpose of the Educational Play Area is to provide appropriate educational and recreational services to minors, based on a project that contributes to their growth and training, and to support the parenting of students and staff of the University of Cagliari.

Provided in the former Pink Room of sa Duchessa hub, the service allows children from 12 months to 10 years of age to be entrusted to specialised staff during school hours.


The Space

The Space has a maximum capacity of no more than eight places and is equipped with a changing table, games and furniture for children and spaces for the rest of children who express the need.


The activities

Educational planning will accompany the needs, resources and curiosities of the children who attend the Educational Play Area.

The service's entire activity will focus on play, both free and spontaneous play and structured play.

The service is run by a pedagogical coordinator with the professional requirements of current regional regulations on services for children.


Curricular and post-graduate traineeships

The university is committed to ensuring a quality service in response to the needs and rights of students and, by extension, their children, in the context of an integrated public system.

In order to do this, an integral part of the Educational Play Area project is the inclusion of student trainees who will have the opportunity to carry out a highly professionalising training experience. The trainees become an active part of the educational service: under the supervision of the pedagogical coordinator in charge, they propose specific educational projects for the three age groups envisaged (12 months/4 years - 5/8 years - 9/10 years). The projects will be supervised by the tutor(s) responsible for the placement in liaison with the pedagogical coordinator.

The compatible degree courses are as follows:

L 30/40 Education and Training Sciences;

LM 85 Educational Sciences;

LM 50 Educational Services Management Programming (Educational Processes Pedagogical Sciences)

For further information write to or contact Dr. Dalila Massidda at +39 3473904698


Opening hours and bookings

The service is guaranteed from Monday to Friday in predefined time slots that are updated monthly, by booking through the online platform Stanza Rosa - Login ( unless otherwise required in advance by calling +39 3473904698.



+39 3473904698

The crèche at the 'Sa Duchessa' University Hub opened in 2021 and is intended to accommodate up to 14 children: 4 children from 3 to 12 months and 10 children from 13 to 36 months. The service was created on the basis of a pedagogical project shared with professors from the Faculty of Humanities focusing on the child's welcome, well-being and development, while management is entrusted to an external company.

Within the pedagogical project, our student trainees from the degree courses in Education Sciences, Education and Training Sciences, Pedagogical Sciences and Educational Service Management Planning also play a fundamental role and will be able to present specific educational projects in conjunction with the Pedagogical Coordinator.

The necessary administrative procedures are currently underway to ensure that it will be fully operational for the 2022-2023 academic year.