University didactic laboratories with high technological and scientific content
funded by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia POR FESR 2007-2013.

The University of Cagliari offers its users a network of classrooms equipped with high-tech equipment, coordinated by a central structure that allows access and use distributed throughout the university's facilities. The design and realisation of the didactic laboratories was carried out by a university staff of professors, engineers, and technicians, who surveyed the needs of all sectors and subject areas to enable professors and students to optimise learning times and opportunities.

The didactic laboratories ensure that all courses of study can offer effective and innovative teaching, differentiating themselves according to the needs of the different subject areas: science hub, engineering-architecture hub (LIDIA), humanities hub (MEdu-Lab), social sciences hub (LISS).
The main sites of the didactic laboratories are located in the buildings of the Monserrato Citadel, the Sa Duchessa complex, the buildings in Viale Fra' Ignazio, and the Faculty of Engineering facilities in Piazza d'Armi.

Didactic laboratories include computer rooms, rooms for videoconferencing, classrooms equipped with scientific instruments (microscopes, 3D printers, observatories) and other sophisticated equipment essential for the transmission of knowledge in the natural sciences and humanities.

Humanities hub
Social sciences hub
Engineering and Architecture hub
Science hub
Shared teaching laboratories (Ldc)