The University Sports Committee (USC) is the body that coordinates sports activities for the benefit of the university community. 

The Committee:

  • defines the general rules for the conduct of sports activities, both amateur and competitive, in both individual and associated forms; 
  • expresses opinions and proposes the stipulation of agreements for the management of university sports services, and facilities and monitors their implementation;
  • defines the management guidelines for sports services, facilities and activities and the related expenditure plans, ensuring the usability of the services, facilities, and equipment, also by those who do not engage in competitive activities 
  • proposes sports building interventions and programmes to the Board of Directors; 
  • draws up an annual report on its activities and submits it to the Board of Directors.


Members/Secretarial Offices

As of 1 October 2022, the University Sports Committee (USC) for the years 2022/2024 is composed as follows:

President - Vice Rector delegated ad interim to the Chairmanship of the USC
Gianni Fenu

General Director acting as Secretar
Aldo Urru

Member appointed by the CUSI
Stefano Demontis

Member appointed by the CUSI
Marco Meloni

Student representative
Antonio Giacu

Student representative
Rebecca Pisanu


Secretarial Offices

at General Division
Lawyer Giuditta Serra
Manager of Administrative Litigation and Participated Entities