The University Hospital (AOU) of Cagliari consists of the San Giovanni di Dio hospital and the Duilio Casula hospital. The objective of the company is to integrate care activities with scientific research and university education.

The University Hospital (AOU) of Cagliari, established by Resolution no. 13/1 of 30.3.2007 of the Regional Council, adopted on the basis of art. 1, paragraph 3 of Regional Law no. 10 of 28 July 2006, has been operational since 14.05.2007.

The hospital currently has its registered office in Cagliari at Via Ospedale, no. 54, 09124 - Cagliari.

It guarantees institutional services through the Duilio Casula and San Giovanni di Dio hospital wards, as well as through the other university facilities currently operating at ASL Cagliari, which will be integrated on the basis of specific agreements, in accordance with the provisions of Council Resolution no.13/1 of 30.3.2007.

Address: Via Ospedale, 54 - 09124 Cagliari
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Fax: +39 070 6092344