The Student Council is the autonomous body for the organisation and coordination of students enrolled at the University: it holds office for two years and is composed of student representatives elected to academic bodies and other bodies. 

The Student Guarantor offers assistance and advice to students who feel their rights and interests have been infringed. He is appointed by the Rector and holds office for three years.

The Student Council is the autonomous organisation and coordination body for students enrolled at the University. It is an advisory and propositional body on: educational activities and services; right to study; self-managed educational activities in the field of culture, sport and leisure. 

The Board expresses mandatory opinions on: the determination of student fees; forms of student collaboration in activities related to the provision of services. 

If the proposals and opinions of the Student Council are not accepted, the resolutions of the competent bodies must contain specific reasons for not accepting them. The Student Council may also express an opinion on the University's planning documents and budget.


Regulations for the functioning of the Student Council


Composition of Student Council

Manager Pietro Ennas

By R.D. Rep. no. 1092 of 01.12.2022, Prof. Francesco Sitzia, Professor Emeritus of the University of Cagliari, was appointed as Guarantor of Students of the University of Cagliari for the years 2022/2025 (until 30.11.2025).

The figure of the Student Guarantor is established by Article 19 of the University Statute.


Area of action

The Student Guarantor offers assistance and advice to students who feel that their rights or interests have been damaged by abuses, dysfunctions, shortcomings or delays attributable to measures, acts, behaviours, even omissions, of bodies, offices, or individuals of the University of Cagliari. 

The University Bodies and the University Administration Offices cooperate with the Student Guarantor, guaranteeing access to acts and documents, in compliance with the regulations in force on the transparency of administrative acts and the confidentiality of individuals.


Student Guarantor Secretarial Offices


Dr. Marco Cannas

Telephone : +39 070 6758500
E-mail :
Opening hours: Monday to Frida,y from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Student Guarantor receives by appointment.

The Secretarial Offices of the University Student will provide its services mainly through the institutional e-mail address.