The University Steering Committee was established on 22 December 2017 under the coordination of the Rector in view of the need to create a stable system of relations with the institutional, economic, social and productive world, which allows to ensure the quality and transparency of the University of Cagliari's policies in the field of didactics, research and third mission. 

Its advisory functions are carried out through the formulation of opinions and recommendations.

The Steering Committee is composed of: 

  • Deputy Vice Rector
  • General Director of the University 
  • General Director of the Cagliari University Hospital 
  • President of the Regional Council 
  • Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari 
  • Mayor of the Municipality of Monserrato 
  • President of ERSU Cagliari 
  • President of CUS Cagliari 
  • President of Cagliari’s Chamber of Commerce 
  • Director General of the Regional School Office of Sardinia 
  • President of Confindustria of Sardinia 
  • President of the University Consortium for the Promotion of University Studies in Central Sardinia 
  • President of the UNO Consortium for the Promotion of University Studies in Oristano 
  • President of the Volunteer Service Centre Sardegna Solidale 
  • President of the Student Council