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With effect from 9 June 2021, Professor Marco Monticone, a full member of the Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health of the University of Cagliari, is appointed President Delegate of the Rector, with signing authority, in the Committee for University Sport for the six-year period 2021/2027. For the same period Professor Monticone is also appointed Delegate of the Rector for the promotion of sports activities for the benefit of the members of the university community of the University of Cagliari.

Full professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (SSD/MED 34) of the University of Cagliari (Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health), from 2004 to 2016 he worked at the University of Pavia as a contract professor of Disability and psycho-motor rehabilitation, as well as at Tor Vergata University as professor of "Measures of Outcome". He teaches Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and physical and rehabilitation medicine (SSD/MED34) and is the director of the Complex Neurorehabilitation Facility of the Brotzu Hospital of Cagliari (in agreement with UniCa).

He earned his Degree in Medicine and Surgery in Pavia with honours (thesis title: "Instrumental evaluation of the stability of the tibio-tarsic joint"); he specialised in Pavia as well, this time in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with honours (thesis title: "Perineal functional electrotherapy in the hyper reflex bladder of the patient with stroke"). Monticone further specialised in Medical Hydrology with honours (thesis on "Efficacy of hydro kinesiotherapy and cognitive behavioural approach in the subject with chronic low back pain. A randomised and controlled clinical study"). At the University of Rome - Tor Vergata he obtained his Ph.D. in Advanced Technology in Rehabilitation Medicine with honours (thesis: "Outcome Measures in Rehabilitation Medicine").

Professor Monticone is author of over 100 publications in prestigious international journals, in addition to being recipient of numerous research awards and scholarships at European, national, and regional level; moreover, he’s often interviewed by national newspapers and television as an expert, for his renowned scientific competence.

Unless otherwise established by subsequent decree, he will keep his position as a delegate up until the end of the term in office of the incumbent Rector.