Vice Rector





Via Università, 40 - 09124 Cagliari

Gianni Fenu is a full professor of Computer Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences, of which he used to be the President.

He teaches "Computer Networks" and "Digital Transformation" in Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in Computer Science. He is a member of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and is the author of over 130 publications in international journals and conference proceedings.

He is Director of the University e-learning Centre (EFIS) and Administrator of the Unitelsardegna Consortium in both the Sardinian Universities.

He entered the University of Cagliari in 1988 and held various positions, including Coordinator of the Vertical Class Council in Computer Science, Deputy Director of the Scientific Calculation Centre, member of several scientific committees/councils and has been director of University Masters in Bioinformatics, Web Mobile Application and IoT.