Carlo Cadeddu


Address: Via Università, 40, 09124 Cagliari
Telephone: +39 070 6752429
Email: ccadeddu@amm.unica.it


The Administration and Finance Division has the task of overseeing the economic and financial processes, the administrative accounting regularity of the autonomous management structures, and ensuring the use of financial resources for the implementation of the University’s choices. It maintains relations with the Departments and Interdepartmental Centres.

In particular:

  • It provides accounting information integrated with information of an extra-accounting nature and with that obtainable from the budgeting system, representing it through a reporting system for decision-making bodies;
  • It identifies and analyses indicators of efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of the University’s processes and services provided;
  • It supports structure managers in the analysis of reports on the performance of management;
  • It supports the Rector and the General Director in the preparation of the University’s annual and multiannual budget;
  • It ensures the completeness and timeliness of accounting processes, ensuring compliance with legal requirements;
  • It coordinates the accounting activities of the Departments and Interdepartmental Centres;
  • It supports the administrative and accounting management of research projects;
  • It supports the General Director in the realisation of the University’s single budget, optimising the flows between the central administration and the decentralised structures with autonomous management;
  • It carries out, in close liaison with the Staff, Organisation and Performance Directorate, the monitoring of staff expenses in order to determine the consistency, legal and contractual increases and projections affecting the Ordinary Financing Fund;
  • It takes care of the financial reporting of the MIUR in coordination with the involved divisions;
  • It manages the accounting of scholarships, training placements, coordinated and ongoing collaborations, student collaborations, Ph.Ds and research grants activated by the University;
  • It is responsible for publishing the relevant information on the University portal, in conjunction with the Rector’s Cabinet Office.

Area of Support to Bodies in Staff Expenditure Planning, Economic Data Projection and Labour Cost Monitoring

Marco Sanna
Telephone: +39 070 6752473
Email: msanna@amm.unica.it

Elisabetta Cabras
Telephone: +39 070 6752441
Email: ecabras@amm.unica.it

Specialised function of technical-IT support to budget, budget management, and tax matters

Massimiliano Picconi
Telephone: +39 070 6752042
Email: massimiliano.picconi@unica.it

Specialised function of technical-IT support to accounting and tax management activities

Luisa Deias
Telephone: +39 070 6752443
Email: luisa.deias@unica.it


Marinella Angioni
Telephone: +39 070 6752406
Email: mangioni@amm.unica.it


Management of Scholarships, Research and Graduate Schools Area

It is responsible for paying the fees of the following figures: Research Grants, International Mobility Grants, PhD Grants, Internships, Medical contracts in specialised training, Student Collaborations


Luisanna Cintura
Telephone: +39 070 6752414
Email: lcintura@amm.unica.it


Anna Maria Labieni
Telephone: +39 070 6752460
Email: alabieni@amm.unica.it

Luisella Laconi
Telephone: +39 070 6752065
Email: luisella.laconi@amm.unica.it

Luigia Manca
Telephone: +39 070 6752469
Email: lumanca@amm.unica.it


Accounting Management of Grants, Research and Graduate Schools Area


Luisella Laconi
Telephone: +39 070 6752065
Email: luisella.laconi@amm.unica.it


Giacomina Senette
Telephone: +39 070 6752478
Email: giacomina.senette@unica.it

Accounting Department for Centralised and Decentralised Facilities


Larisa Schirru
Telephone: +39 070 6752431
Email: larisa.schirru@amm.unica.it


Maria Teresa Mascia
Telephone: +39 070 6752472
Email: tmascia@amm.unica.it

Francesco Carboni
Telephone: +39 070 6752479
Email: francesco.carboni88@unica.it


Fiscal Matters Area


Alessandra Lecca
Telephone: +39 070 6752410
Email: alessandra.lecca@amm.unica.it


Emanuele Zurru
Telephone: +39 070 6752434
Email: ezurru@amm.unica.it

Paola Pala
Telephone: +39 070 6752384
Email: ppala@amm.unica.it

Massimiliano Picconi
Telephone: +39 070 6752042
Email: massimiliano.picconi@unica.it


External Funding and Student Contribution Area


Silvio Radaelli
Telephone: +39 070 6756902
Email: silvio.radaelli@unica.it


Rita Giorgi
Telephone: +39 070 6752467
Email: rgiorgi@amm.unica.it

Giuliana Pisa'
Telephone: +39 070 6752413
Email: gpisa@amm.unica.it


Industry contacts

Email: finest@unica.it
CEM: protocollo@pec.unica.it


University Projects Area


Maria Marcella Melis
Telephone: +39 070 6752435
Email: mmmelis@amm.unica.it


Salvatore Casanova
Telephone: +39 070 6752448
Email: scasanova@amm.unica.it


Accounting Area


Pierluigi Perniciano
Telephone: +39 070 6752082
Email: pperniciano@amm.unica.it


Ileana Aiana
Telephone: +39 070 6752071
Email: iaiana@amm.unica.it

Maria Sebastiana Maggiolu
Telephone: +39 070 6752442
Email: mmuggiolu@amm.unica.it

Luisa Deias
Telephone: +39 070 6752443
Email: luisa.deias@unica.it

Francesco Carboni
Telephone: +39 070 6752479
Email: francesco.carboni88@unica.it


Maria Antonietta Zedde
Telephone: +39 070 6752458
Email: mzedde@amm.unica.it


Budget Area

Maria Adelaide Saba
Telephone: +39 070 6752471
Email: asaba@amm.unica.it



Giuliana Mereu
Telephone: +39 070 6752444
Email: gmereu@amm.unica.it


Management Control Accounting Salaries Area


Cinzia Usai
Telephone: +39 070 6752401
Email: usaic@amm.unica.it



Anna Cappai
Telephone: +39 070 6752405
Email: anna.cappai@amm.unica.it

Francesco Conteddu
Telephone: +39 070 6752491
Email: francesco.conteddu@unica.it



Milena Serra
Telephone: +39 070 6752407
Email: milenaserra@amm.unica.it ; milenaserra@unica.it


Investment and Accounting Support Area


Maria Cristina Collu
Telephone: +39 070 6752476
Email: mc.collu@amm.unica.it


Maria Franca Sorcinelli
Telephone: +39 070 6752051
Email: fsorcine@amm.unica.it


Relations with Departments Area


Mauro Motzo
Telephone: +39 070 6752451
Email: mmotzo@amm.unica.it


Resident persons. Self-employed professionals or occasional income.


Resident Persons. Self-employed professionals or income assimilated to employees.


Resident. Income treated as compensation. Employee, recipient of compensation/allowances from third parties.


Non-Resident Persons. Professionals and occasional workers with incomes produced in Italy. Self-employed persons with income assimilated to the employee by income produced in Italy and abroad.


Non-Resident Persons. Professionals and casual workers with income produced abroad.


Resident and Non-Resident Persons. Declaration of activities of non-habitual self-employment (occasional).


Resident and Non-resident Persons. Premiums financed by funds granted by public or private entities.


Nurses. Compensation for teaching activities.

    UNICA.DIRAF.DICH.INF.COMP.DID model v10.10.2022

Income assimilated to employment. Declaration for scholarships and internships.

    Model UNICA.DIRAF.DICH.BORSE v10.10.202022

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