Marco Maxia

Address: Campus Aresu, via San Giorgio 12 - Building A (penthouse) - 09124 Cagliari CA
Telephone: +39 070 675 6544

The Division, in implementation of the first level management control system through a synergistic and integrated organisation, performs the management, monitoring, control, supervision and verification activities in the privacy protection processes, ensuring transparency and anti-corruption; ensures the management process and the prevention of management risks, environmental risk prevention and safety in support of the Employer and the University Bodies, in particular:

  • It manages the Audit functions;
  • It takes care of activities aimed at ensuring the functioning of the quality system applied in the University, to ensure adequate levels and the improvement of teaching, research and third mission activities;
  • It manages the process and ensures the coordination of activities to guarantee privacy protection;
  • It manages the control and monitoring process and guarantees compliance with transparency and anti-corruption requirements;
  • It assumes and integrates the functions of Corruption Prevention and Transparency Officer and guarantees the management of related activities;
  • It oversees the risk management function and ensures the management of management risks through the analysis, identification and coverage of the risk itself, proposing the adoption of appropriate measures to avoid or reduce the negative effects; manage insurance contracts for this purpose;
  • It ensures, in support of the safety organisation, the management of safety, occupational risk prevention and environmental protection activities with the coordination of dedicated structures; it monitors and supervises the application and implementation of interventions, in particular protective equipment and risk prevention work to improve safety and the environment;
  • It is responsible for publishing the relevant information on the University portal, in conjunction with the Rector’s Cabinet Office.
  • By decision and appointment of the Rector as Employer can assume and integrate, in possession of the requirements and in staff to the Employer, the functions of Head of the Prevention and Protection Service and the management of related activities.


Prevention and Protection Service Manager - RSPP

Michela Cuccu
Telephone: +39 070 675 6552

Prevention and protection Activities Area

Roberta Silvagni
Telephone: +39 070 675 6548


Valeria Deiana
Telephone: +39 070 675 6545

Health Surveillance Collaborator

Loredana Pisanu
Telephone: +39 070 675 6550

Health Surveillance Collaborator

Alessandra Costa
Telephone: +39 070 675 6546



Alessandra Bernardini

Telephone: +39 070 6754870 - cell. 3392911298

Technical officer

Walter Flore

Telephone: +39 070 6754897; +39 3334927200

Website of the Service


Emanuela Scarpa
Telephone: +39 070 675 6670

Internal audit area

Alessandra Sorcinelli
Telephone: +39 070 675 2400

Protection of personal data (privacy) and transparency

Tiziana Mascia
Telephone: +39 070 675 2409

Prevention of corruption and transparency

Roberta Porcu
Telephone: +39 070 6756928