What is it (art. 5, subsection 1 of L.D. 33/13)

It is the right of anyone to request and obtain the publication of documents, information, and data that public administrations have failed to publish even though they are obliged to do so.


What you can request

Documents, information and data concerning the organisation and activity of the University of Cagliari, according to the provisions of L.D. n.33/2013 and detailed in annex C to the three-year Plan for the prevention of corruption and transparency 2017-2019.


How to use it

The request for civic access must not be motivated, it is free and should be addressed to the Manager for the prevention of corruption and transparency of the university (RPCT - Dr. Marco Maxia).

The RPCT, within thirty days:

a) publishes the requested document, information or data on the website and forward it to the applicant at the same time, or communicate the publication to the applicant, indicating the hyperlink to the request;


b) indicate to the applicant the hyperlink to the content that is already published in compliance with current legislation.

In accordance with art. 2, subsection 9-bis of Law 241/90, in cases of delay or failure to reply, the applicant can contact the holder of the power to substitute (General Director, Dr. Aldo Urru), that, verified within fifteen days the subsistence of the obligation of publication, supplies as indicated in the point a) or in point b).

The judicial protection of the right of civic access is governed by the code of the administrative process (art. 116, L.D. 104/2010).


How to submit the civic access request

  2. trasparenza@unica.it;
  3. protocollo@pec.unica.it (certified e-mail of the university);
  4. regular mail: via Università 40 - 09124 Cagliari.

N.B. the request is admissible only if it complies with the provisions of art.65 of the L.D. 7 March 2005, n. 82, bearing the Code of digital administration.

Last updated: 21 March 2023